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Cheryl Meakins ~ A Woman of Contrast

     When Cheryl was six she wore a dress to visit the zoo.  At twelve she figured out she couldn't play flag football with the boys and still be considered a girl, at least from a boys' perspective.  When she was eighteen she exchanged her sewing machine for an archery-bow! But all along, she loved to dress-to-the-nines and ask for the surf ‘n turf dinner. 

    Never fitting the box that defined woman, and surviving an abusive upbringing, she struggled for a long time.  She seldom questioned herself with “Who am I?”  Rather, she struggled with “Am I OK to be me?” 

    What Satan meant for evil, God meant for good.  All of the struggle, every wrestling match with the Lord brought her to understand that she could not fit in a box – nor did He want her to. 

    She was wounded deeply and found healing through Jesus Christ. The power of the cross has created the heart of a healer and warrior – coexisting in another great and beautiful contrast. 

    She used to despise the vulnerability of being a woman ~ now she dances with joy.


Woman ~ designed uniquely to encompass

The Wounded ~ The Healer ~ & The Warrior.

    By being at home in God’s love for her, she is learning how to take up His fight.  The battlegrounds are many (culture, career, home, church, motherhood, and wife-dom) but the process of winning the same. 

Abiding in Christ ~ Taking up His Fight. 

    Her passion is to see women embrace their wounded-ness and vulnerability so they may function as healers and warriors. When they do this, they will end the middle part of the Cinderella story. You know… the scene where the step-sisters tear off all that is good and beautiful about Cinderella’s ball gown.

    Instead, they will see women who exchange their curses for blessings, insecurities for confidence, self-reliance for giving and receiving ~ and they will BE Whole Women, Wholly Serving God.

    Cheryl has published several articles across cyber-space and print, been a guest on talk radio and published as a contributing author to two devotional books.  “If I can do all things through Christ, Why can’t I find my car keys” and “Big Dreams from Small Spaces”  by Group Publishing. 

    Cheryl has a bachelor’s degree in tv/radio communications with a minor in writing and a master’s degree in occupational therapy.  She has led women ministries at her local church and served on the Midwest Conference Board for Women Ministries with the Evangelical Covenant Church. She continues to serve women and the church through writing, speaking and ministry coaching.  To round out her life God blessed her with her husband Mark and three amazing kids.

    If you would like to contact Cheryl or inquire about a speaking engagement please click here